Shiraz restaurant offers a wide selection of dishes ranging from authentic Persian grills to contemporary Iranian recipes, appealing to all tastes.

Chelo Kabab Koobideh With Rice

Chelow kabab is the national dish of Iran. The meal is preparedĀ of steamed, saffroned basmati or Persian rice and kabab, of which there are several distinct Persian varieties. This dish is served throughout Iran today, but was traditionally associated with the northern part of the country.


Shishlig With Iranian Rice

Shashlyk or Shashlik, is a form of Shish kebab popular throughout the former Soviet Union, parts of Eastern Europe, Mongolia and Iran. Shashlyk is originally lamb (in some extent pork or beef). These skewers of meat are either all meat, all fat, or alternating pieces of meat, fat, and vegetables such as bell pepper, onion and tomato.



Mirza Ghasemi!

Mirza ghasemi is an aubergine and egg dish with a smoky taste that is often served as a side dish or appetizer. Other such dishes include pickled garlic, olives with walnut paste, and smoked fish.



Iranian Sweets!

The second category consists of more traditional Iranian sweets: Shirini-e Berenji (rice cookie), Shirini-e Nokhodchi (clover-shaped chickpea flour cookies), Kolouche (a large cookie usually with a walnut or fig filling), Shirini-e Keshmeshi (raisin and saffron cookies), Shirini-e Yazdi (small cakes originating from the city of Yazd), Nan-e kulukhi (a kind of large thick cookie without any filling), and others.






*Some desserts may contain nuts.